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Library for electronic books
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Downloads for range use - printable targets and range cards
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Firearm Forum


Concealed Carry Discussion
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Share a project you're working on.
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Gun Gallery

Ruger or Non-Ruger firearms: Show off your piece!
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Firearm care and maintenance - from oil rub downs to re-bluing
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Gun Stories

Have a gun story you would like to share? Not Ruger specific.
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Collector's corner for rifles, handguns, shotguns, military surplus, etc.
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What's My Firearm Worth

If you are thinking of buying and wish to make sure you aren't going to be spending too much, or buying from a friend and wish to make sure they are getting a fair amount for their item... this is the place for you!!
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Knives and Gear: When you can't carry, a knife is your best friend!
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Ruger Gunsmithing Forum - Rugers going under the knife
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Scopes, Sights, Red Dots, Lasers and Other Optical Devices
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Hunting-related discussion
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Black Powder

Black Powder Forum - black powder guns and their loads
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Reloading recipes and supplies
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Ammo Dump

Ammunition talk minus the reloading topics
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Range Reports

Range reports and general range topics
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Gun Events

Gun-related events and shows
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Pistol & Revolver Forum

Ruger Pistols

Ruger Centerfire Pistols Forum
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Ruger Double Action

Ruger Double Action Revolver Forum: All Calibers
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Ruger Single Action

Ruger Single Action Revolver Forum: All Calibers
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Ruger Rimfires

Ruger 22 Semi-Auto Pistols
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Handgun Accessories

Accessories for Handguns: Holsters, Grips, Speedloaders. Magazines, etc.
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Pistols & Revolvers

Pistol and Revolver Forum: For the non-Ruger Pistol and Revolver topics and discussion
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Rifle & Shotgun Forum

Ruger 10/22 Rimfire

Ruger 10/22 and SR-22 Rimfire Rifle Forum
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Ruger Semi-Auto

Ruger Centerfire Semi-Auto Rifle Forum
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Ruger Single-Shot

Single-Shot Centerfire Rifle Forum:
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Ruger Lever-Action

All Lever Action Rifles and Calibers
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Ruger Bolt Action

Ruger Bolt Action Rifle Forum, all Calibers
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Ruger Shotguns

Including All Brands of Shotguns
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Long Arm Accessories

Long Arms Stocks, Cases, Magazines, and Accessories Forum
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Rifle Forum: For the non-Ruger Rifle topics and discussion
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Buy, Sell, Trade: Firearms
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Parts & Accessories

Buy, Sell, Trade: Firearm Parts, Accessories, Reloading Equipment and Supplies.
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Buy, Sell, Trade: Non-Firearm Related
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Vendor Deals

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Masc Holsters

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Boyds' Gunstock Industries

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Camera Land

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RugerForum.Net News and Announcements
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Community feedback, suggestions, concerns, questions about RugerForum.Net
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New Users

New to Ruger Forum? Post up here and introduce yourself!
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Come in and have a drink. Please check your guns at the door!
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Looking for a laugh?
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