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  1. Ruger 10/22 optics ready variant

    Ruger 10/22 Rimfire
    I saw a great deal on a ruger 10/22 and jumped to buy it. In my hast I didn't realize I bought the optics ready version of the gun. This version of the rifle comes with a weaver rail premounted and has no iron sights. The gun works great with a scope but I want the option of iron sights. It...
  2. LOWEST Scope Bases and Rings!

    If you want the lowest Base + Ring combination to get your scope as low as possible, you can stop researching now! This was the ONLY combination that got my Leupold XV-Freedome 3-9X40 scope as low as I wanted to get it...(as low as possible!) and it Worked GREAT and Looks GREAT!: WARNE Maxima...
  3. New user NM

    New Users
    Howdy all from Deming NM..I have 3 Ruger 10/22's in differant configurations and a new PC4.....Looking for any info that is available....I am also a reloader from the mid 70's.:p
  4. new to the group

    New Users
    My name is Shelly, I currently own 2 Rugers .
  5. 10/22 receiver scope mount screws

    Has anyone ever run into the screws that are not aligned to the bore of the barrel? I bought a used 10/22 that I cannot get my scope on paper. Run out of adjustment. I put a red dot on it and the dot is not anywhere near the front sight. How do I prove the screwholes arenot aligned properly...
  6. Cheap ammo with 10/22

    Ruger 10/22 Rimfire
    I had problems with failure to eject and failure to feed with my new 10/22. This occurred with the 10 rd mag and with two BX-25's. It happened with Remington Thunderbolt and Golden Bullets and, to a lesser extent, with CCI Mini mags. I sent it in to Ruger for service. They replaced the bolt and...
  7. First Ruger/firearm 1102 (walnut) or 1103? Questions...

    I will be picking up my first firearm today! It is a Ruger 10/22. I'm torn between the 1102 and 1103 models. The 1102 is about $45 more, but has a nice texturing/design on the wood, and I like the grain on the walnut quite a bit. I guess my question you all think it is worth the extra...
  8. 10/22LR and 77/22RM-RSI Mannlichers Together

    10/22LR and 77/22RM-RSI Mannlichers Together

    Waited a long, long, long time for this dream to come true. Yeah, yeah I know CZ makes these, but there's nothing like fine American craftsmanship. Anybody who doesn't think Ruger knows how to make fine rifles needs to get their head examined.
  9. Pair of 10/22s

    Pair of 10/22s

    Ruger 10/22s Top: Magnum Research compensated Magnum Lite 0.920" bull barrel, Clark deluxe trigger, Clark Speed Bolt Release, Tuffer Buffer bolt stop, Weaver base, Warne 201M rings, Vortex 2-7x38 scope, Butler Creek scope covers, Boyd SS Evolution stock Bottom: Clark 20" 0.920-inch bul
  10. 10/22


    My Ruger 10/22 with lots of mods still not finished but it's almost done.
  11. Ruger K10/22-TDTMI #11139

    Ruger K10/22-TDTMI #11139

  12. Tactical 10/22 - Nordic AR22 Conversion

    Tactical 10/22 - Nordic AR22 Conversion

    Nordic Components AR 22 Conversion, with trigger mods, 45% iron sights, free float hand guard, bull barrel. Grandson loves it!
  13. My Daughters Custom 10/22

    My Daughters Custom 10/22

  14. My Daughters Custom 10/22

    My Daughters Custom 10/22

  15. spotdogs10/22


    I had so much fun building this Ruger I'm going to build another! I'm very pleased with the Strikeforce stock.
  16. For Sale: Ruger 10/22 Stock and Barrel

    Parts & Accessories
    I am selling the following off my 10/22. I am just selling these parts due to upgrading. I have taken care of my rifle, cleaning after each range visit. So all parts listed below are in excellent condition. If you need to restore your 10/22 or upgrade it somewhat these parts are for you! I can...
  17. My TD with Custom Sling

    My TD with Custom Sling

    This is my 10/22 TD with custom paracord/nylon strap-adjustable with quick release buckle and Uncle Mike Swivels.
  18. My 10/22 and SR9

    My 10/22 and SR9

  19. the ol' 10/22

    the ol' 10/22

    Completely "stock" except for the williams sights