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  1. Ammo Dump
    I have recently added a 1911 in 10mm to inventory (have to remember to not take it out in the boat--I'm accident prone). Are there any brands of target ammo to avoid and any to prefer? I have read about manufacturers making dirty ammo, especially the European/former Eastern-Bloc countries...
  2. Reloading
    Just bought my first 38 super. Looking for a nice target load. I have CFE pistol and titegroup and several powders on hand. I ordered 130gr Berry’s bullets for 38 super. What is your favorite load? Thanks for any info!
  3. Ruger Pistols
    After getting spoiled by my full sized 1911, a buddy wants to get one for himself, but a more compact one. I’ve essentially convinced him to give the new Officer sized 1911 a try, but he’s a lefty. I am sure that it will let you flip the magazine release around, and I know that you can’t do...
  4. Gun Gallery
    Remington R1 Enhanced with threades match barrel, Heinie sights, and killer trigger. Remington know how to ruin a 1911 and make it better! :cool: It needs new grips though... these don't feel great. It's like holding a cheese grater. :eek:
  5. Pistols & Revolvers
    Been sober for about 1 year and 9 months. Found a new job, discovered a new hobby, rediscovered an old one, got more active in church, daughter maxed out my credit card :) and a few other excuses didn't permit me to buy a gun, new or used, until last night. I've long postponed getting a CCW...
  6. Pistols & Revolvers
    Not sure if this has been shared here before. The 1911 Semiautomatic Pistol: Why America's Enemies Still Fear This 100-Year-Old Gun | The National Interest Blog
  7. Gun Stories
  8. Ruger Pistols
    Last week my best friend and I headed to the range. It was pretty chilly but hey, that just gives us a chance to practice with gloves. I enjoy shooting a lot, but never felt the need to get into reloading. Since this ammunition crisis my thoughts have changed on that. I have always used bulk...
  9. Gun Gallery
    Very slowly, I'm getting this all together. It took me two years to buy all the parts from Wilson Combat, begin to assemble and fit them and then to have the sights installed, get a trigger job and Cerakoting from a gunsmith friend to where it's now finally finished. While it was there, he...
  10. 1911

    Metro Arms American Classic II 1911 .45 ACP
  11. My Favorite Guns

    I now own two that i will keep for ever, Ruger GP100 4" & a S&W 1911SC-E Series.
  12. 1911 grips

    Grips for Colt 1911-22. mystery figured wood. picked up from local WW store
  13. Pistols & Revolvers
    I know this is an age old question, but a lot of the older posts are old and / or out of date, plus I don't want to be a thread-jacker. I'm considering one more final purchase to complete my gun collection. For various, personal reasons, it likely will be my last handgun purchase. While I am...
1-13 of 14 Results