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  1. Pistols & Revolvers
    My husband and I were given a Ruger single-six. I believe it is an old model. We are trying to confirm this. It is missing the cylinder and we are trying to get the correct one. I cannot find this model number (not sure if it’s the model or serial number or is it both) anywhere. Thanks for...
  2. Ruger Single Action
    I just picked up my first handgun this Monday, a silver Ruger Wrangler and I'm loving it, but I'd like to get a spare cylinder and can't seem to find them being sold anywhere. I've found plenty of reasonably priced single six cylinders but I've heard some say it will work and others say it...
  3. Ruger Rimfires
    Hello folks! New member here... I purchased an old (yet beautiful condition) 1969 Ruger Standard back in April 2016. It had a couple problems: a broken left-side grip panel, and the one magazine it came with had an oversized follower button, making mag removal a PITA. I immediately purchased...
1-3 of 3 Results