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  1. Ruger Semi-Auto
    I was wondering if the SR-556 took .223 ammo. I asked a lot of my friends about it and I got a lot of mixed answers, both yes, no, and even maybe. I just only recently got into guns, though I am not purchasing an SR-556 I was just curious about it for a server I was in. If one of you could help...
  2. Ruger Bolt Action
    I'm thinking about doing some rehab this spring by going groundhog hunting. I used to be an avid whistle pig hunter but, some disabilities got in the way. My favorite varmint rig weighs in the neighborhood of ten pounds (Rem 700BDLV, .223. Think Sendero). There are two schools of thought...
  3. Mini-14 brass with dings

    This is a random sampling of my brass from the range
1-3 of 3 Results