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  1. Ruger Rimfires
    I need to replace my S&W M&P Compact .22 and I am thinking about a 22/45. Quick, and dumb question though — do the grip screws on the Mk IV 22/45 go into metal inserts in the frame or directly into the polymer? I assume that Ruger designed them “right“ and put metal bushings into the frame...
  2. Ruger Pistols
    I am posting this as a PSA for anyone who has a 22/45 MkIV that is having feeding problems in the hopes that it will help others. Symptom: Releasing the slide on a full or nearly full magazine will typically cause the bolt face to override the round which will misalign and jam the round...
  3. Hollywood LITE Suppressors

    When you want to be quiet and look good doing it.
  4. 22/45 and Micro Dot

    Ruger 22/45 with Primary Arms Micro Dot.
  5. Ruger Rimfires
    I ordered ny first one from the description Ruger 22/45 Mark III Hunter, Stainless, Fluted 6.88" barrel. The dealer's part number is their own, nothing to do with Ruger's part number. I received the gun, and opening it I notice it's the plastic non-removable grips. I ordered the 22/45...
1-5 of 7 Results