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  3. Approximate value of Flattop 44 mag

    What's My Firearm Worth
    Hi, I just joined the forum so please forgive me if I seem unfamiliar with site protocols. I have an old Blackhawk 44 mag that I purchased used nearly 50 years ago for my wife. It's been carried a lot and the bluing is pretty warn. Also as you can see from the attached photo, has 3rd party...
  4. Is it a Single-Six or Single-Six Convertable

    Ruger Single Action
    I am looking at 9 1/2" single six. NO box. No papers. 1970 based on Ruger's serial number. Only problem is I don't know if it just a single-six or a convertible based on the serial number. How do I do I figure out which category it falls into?