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  1. Ruger Bolt Action
    Hi everyone new to the group. I have a 300wm in a m77 mark2 with a wood stock. Love the gun but heavy as a tank for the walking I do…. I also have a 6mm rem mag in a m77 mark2 stainless synthetic that I also love !!! Can I buy a synthetic stock for the 300? I prefer to shoot the 300 but want to...
  2. Ruger Bolt Action
    Hey folks, I picked up a RAR in 300 blackout a few months ago, and have taken it out about three times. It runs well, supers and subs are accurate, however, they are grouping about 10" apart vertically and horizontally at 35 yards. My 300blk AR is about a 3" difference, vertical only. My...
1-2 of 2 Results