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.308 win

  1. For Sale: Ruger SR762

    Ruger SR762 chambered in 7.62x51 NATO/.308 Winchester. Details: 1. Purchased new by seller on 1/16/17 and duly registered. 2. Approximately 375 rounds fired 3. Included accessories: a. Original Ruger black & red case b. Original Ruger grip panels c. Ruger accessory rail sections d. Magpul STR...
  2. Brass score!!!!!!

    I counted and sorted all this brass tonight... Turns out there are 633 pieces of .308 Win brass. All this brass is from the same lot of Federal Gold Medal Match.. During sorting I found 3 bad cases. So I ended up with 630 good reloadable pieces, 1 .22LR case, 1 twig, 3 leaves and a bunch of dirt...