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  1. Firearms
    Excellent condition New Model Ruger Blackhawk .357 50th Anniverary Flattop blued model. Includes box and original contents. Gun is in like new condition. Very light cylinder line. Less than 20 rounds through it. As I was taking pics for this ad I just noticed one tiny blemish on the trigger...
    $775 USD
  2. Ruger Single-Shot
    I just received a CHP 357mag and tomorrow it goes to the smyth to have the chamber stretched to the Rem Maximum. What is the twist on this?? Also, trying to only buy a couple powders - getting back into reloading after a 27 year recess - what is your fav hunting load and fav plinking load...
  3. Ruger Single Action
    with a 6" barrel (no rib please), and unfluted cylinder, good sights, that's what I would like! Heck, it could be on the Super Black Hawk frame - even better!. My 44mag Hunter is a great handgun for hunting - a man couldn't ask for more! But the 44 is getting to be a bit much for this old guy...
  4. Ruger Double Action
    I joined here today just want to ask if you have experienced trigger spring broken issues. My LCRx 357 was purchased in Nov. 2019, full MSRP here in California plus TAX. :( The first spring break happens in April 2020 after about 900 rounds of .357 and a lot of dry fires. Today, the spring...
  5. What's My Firearm Worth
    What is my 357 Ruger Security Six 357 Stainless Worth? 4" barrel, rubber grips Pachmyer I think? Not more than 200 rounds through it. No box. Help you who know?:)
  6. Ruger Single Action
    Hi there, I've really got my eyes set on a blued new model Blackhawk, 357, 4.62'' barrel. But I've read that the blued version has the aluminum grip frame and a cheaply "painted" aluminum cylinder pin (if I got that right). Anyone here own the same version but in stainless? According to...
  7. Ruger Single Action
    Hi, Anybody know why there's a 4oz difference between the blued and stainless versions of the Blackhawk 357 (4.62'')? Stainless is heavier by 4oz. Thanks!
  8. Gun Gallery
    My latest acquisition from my favorite pawn shop is this NMBH stainless 357 mag (vintage 1979). The revolver had just come in and was really dirty. But upon closer examination it was in very good condition. It's all cleaned up and pretty, I took it to the range and was pleasantly surprise how...
  9. Ruger Double Action
    Picked up my 2.75" Ruger Police Service-Six from layaway this weekend. Couldn't be happier. I can tell this is going to become my new favorite revolver. It is my new CCW. I even ended up selling my Smith & Wesson model 60 to pay it off (which I don't even miss.) Had enough left over to even buy...
  10. GP100 357 Mag 4"

    My GP100 with Altamont Grip inserts & Wolf trigger job.
1-10 of 10 Results