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  1. Firearms
    Looking for the big brother to my Model 415. For those unaware, the 450 is a 5-shot medium frame revolver in 45 Long Colt. Doesn't seem to be many on the market, in stainless nor titanium. Personally, I'd rather have stainless. Missed one 10 years ago, while I was getting the money to pick it...
  2. Ruger Vacquero 45LC

    Ruger Vacquero 45LC Single Action Revolver
  3. Ruger Vacquero 45LC

    Ruger Vacquero 45LC
  4. Firearms
    Want to Sell my stainless SRH Alaskan model in 454 / 45 LC caliber. I'm throwing in a custom leather holster, approximately 12 rounds of Corbon 454 ammo, 17 rounds of Winchester 454 ammo, 50 rounds 45 LC ammo, 6 snapcaps, and HKS speedloader. Asking $775 will sell face to face in the Houston...
1-4 of 4 Results