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  1. Problems with removal of AR556 Model#8529 gas block screw

    Well, I've gotten my brand new AR556, and the free float hand guard it comes with is in my opinion entirely too short for the length of the gun/barrel. So, I purchased a STNGR 15" HWK to put on it. I was excited to start the project today, and everything was going fairly smooth. Got the factory...
  2. New Guy Looking for Answers

    Ruger Semi-Auto
    Hi Everyone, New guy here. First time in a forum. I just got my 1st AR. Ruger AR-556. I'm looking to put a Geissele MK4 rail on it. However, I was told to check compatibility? Does anyone know if Geissele rails fit the Ruger? Thanks!
  3. New owner of Ruger AR556

    I need to hear from fellow owners who can recommend a red dot or a cross hair scope for my AR556. Confused after reading hundreds (hehe) articles and advertisements. I will be shooting 25 yards most of the time, and rarely shooting at 100 yards. And preferences or reasons to buy one or the...