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  1. What's My Firearm Worth
    I have inherited a Ruger bearcat revolver. I did a little research and here it what I know (or think I do) the revolver is one of the models made the first year 1958, it is one of the rare alphabet models (serial number is C2**). It is in pristine shape but has been used, I also have the box...
  2. Firearms
    Out of sequence sn only 1200 of these Bearcats exist. In great shape for trade or sale. Will trade for a New Model Bearcat prefer stainless. If not stainless trade for adjustable sight Bearcat. Will sell for $725 Bearcat photos
  3. Collectors
    Posted in the what it's worth forum already. I'd like to get some opinions on if I should let this be a revolver for my kids or continue trying to trade it off so it can go to someone who won't carry it in the field. Please let me know your opinions, I know it isn't worth a mint but I'd hate to...
  4. What's My Firearm Worth
    Trying to see what this Bearcat is worth. It's perfect size for my kids but since it's kinda rare, I'd rather trade it for something not so rare with a transfer bar. Trying to see what I should expect. Bearcat Thanks!
1-4 of 4 Results