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  1. The heft of a stainless NMBH, 4.62''

    Ruger Single Action
    Hi there, I've really got my eyes set on a blued new model Blackhawk, 357, 4.62'' barrel. But I've read that the blued version has the aluminum grip frame and a cheaply "painted" aluminum cylinder pin (if I got that right). Anyone here own the same version but in stainless? According to...
  2. 4oz difference between blued and stainless BH?

    Ruger Single Action
    Hi, Anybody know why there's a 4oz difference between the blued and stainless versions of the Blackhawk 357 (4.62'')? Stainless is heavier by 4oz. Thanks!
  3. Approximate value of Flattop 44 mag

    What's My Firearm Worth
    Hi, I just joined the forum so please forgive me if I seem unfamiliar with site protocols. I have an old Blackhawk 44 mag that I purchased used nearly 50 years ago for my wife. It's been carried a lot and the bluing is pretty warn. Also as you can see from the attached photo, has 3rd party...
  4. Whats the dif between 10306 and 0306 NMB?

    Ruger Single Action
    Hello 1st post here. Long time gun owner, looking to get into wheel guns. found a pair of used NM Blackhawks for sale ($400 each) in 357 mag. did a SN lookup over at and it came back with model number 10306 which was shipped in 2007 and no longer in production. did they just drop...
  5. 44Mag Buntline????

    Pistols & Revolvers
    Ok guys and galls. If you understood what the caption was talking about, then i need your help. the Colt Buntline was a 45LC that had a sweet 12" barrel. Over time, there were others to take on this model with other pistols being at the 16" and 18" range. some had stocks and some did not. Cool...
  6. Canted barrel on my brand new Super Blackhawk 44 Mag

    Ruger Single Action
    Hi everyone. I just picked up my first blackhawk, but when I took it home I realized the front sight was leaning left. It looks as if the barrel wasnt threaded on enough. It is very noticeable to me and really bugs me. I haven't shot it yet so I dont know how it shoots, but I was wondering if I...
  7. Help with .357 Blackhawk

    Ruger Single Action
    I have acquired a Ruger .357 Blackhawk. From what I have found I believe I have a 3 screw model. I've tried to find a serial number match but haven't had any luck. There appears to be something that can screw into the top of the frame with one little screw. Doesn't seem to have any wear on the...
  8. For Sale: Ruger Old Model BH/Vaquero .45ACP Cylinder

    Parts & Accessories
    I have a near-new .45ACP cylinder for sale. Up front - this is an older large-frame cylinder - it is too large to fit into the frame window on my New Vaquero .45LC. But, it will fit large-frame .45LC frames, and the old/original Vaquero .45LC frames. It came from a circa-2000 Blackhawk .45/.45...
  9. You gotta own one of everything, right?

    Gun Gallery
    My latest acquisition from my favorite pawn shop is this NMBH stainless 357 mag (vintage 1979). The revolver had just come in and was really dirty. But upon closer examination it was in very good condition. It's all cleaned up and pretty, I took it to the range and was pleasantly surprise how...
  10. Ruger Family Outing

    Range Reports
    Had a special family outing on Thursday and took 6 Rugers. Beretta was represented as well as Sig and a few others. Never know how many shootin' irons you have until you start pulling them out of the safe. :D My honey got to shoot her Mod. 77 Mk II 22-250 for the first time and center-punched...
  11. MKIII, Blackhawk .357, P90TH , SR9

    MKIII, Blackhawk .357, P90TH , SR9

    One half of the sets of twins. I got my Vaqueros after this pic was taken.