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  1. PC Carbine Ejection Problems

    Ruger Semi-Auto
    I purchased my PC carbine about 6 or 8 months ago for USPSA competition, PCC division. Started out great! Loved it. Then about 1000 - 1500 rounds later I started developing stove pipes, which became more and more frequent. I considered my ammo first. I was running 4.2 grains of WSF behind...
  2. PC Carbine- Getting Adjustment ring snug for accuracy.

    Ruger Semi-Auto
    I recently got a new PC Carbine 9mm. It's a simple gun to take down, put together but the Barrel Adjustment ring has some quirks to it to understand for best accuracy. The Ruger manual states - Here is what I found, if you adjust the adjustment ring tight as you can get it while the barrel...
  3. G&A's version of March Madness

    Last time I checked, there are three Rugers advancing in their brackets. Now, this one's making fans furious: Hi-Point beating the Sig! :D G&A Madness | Guns & Ammo
  4. Ruger_44Mag._Carbine


    44Mag. Carbine