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  1. Who carries a "Mouse Gun" for CCW?

    Lately I have really gotten into so-called "mouse guns" for CCW. When wearing a suit or for that matter jeans, I find it annoying to carry a larger pistol and I was noticing that I was making excuses to myself not to carry at all. Not good. I picked up a gently used Beretta Jetfire (.25acp)...
  2. Fell off the wagon

    Pistols & Revolvers
    Been sober for about 1 year and 9 months. Found a new job, discovered a new hobby, rediscovered an old one, got more active in church, daughter maxed out my credit card :) and a few other excuses didn't permit me to buy a gun, new or used, until last night. I've long postponed getting a CCW...
  3. Shoulder holster for SR9C

    Handgun Accessories
    I'm looking for a leather shoulder holster for my SR9C. Can anyone recommend a quality leather system?
  4. Arizona Online CC Certification

    Long drives have always been a concern for me even if they're within the state. More so out of state. I feel naked traveling without any form of protection for my family. Do we have members, residents or non-residents of AZ, who used this site's services?
  5. When is it ok to draw?

    I read on a bicycle forum about a fellow who was cut off by a driver and subsequently yelled to alert the driver of his misdeed (I presume with profanities, but for the purpose of argument they just yelled "hey!!"). The driver then slammed on his brakes, got out of the car, and stormed up to...
  6. IWB/OBW Holster

    Handgun Accessories
    I found a site from one the forums on holster that can be IWB or OWB. And of course I can't find the link anymore. If anyone has an idea please let me know. Thanks