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  1. Charger takedown Picatinny... what?

    Handgun Accessories
    So in a strange series of events I find myself waiting on the arrival of a Charger takedown and the only thing I can find to put on it is this “Folding stock“ (link to the item). I’m really quite puzzled as to why they fit the butt of this gun with a picatinny rail and even more so that Ruger...
  2. Where can i buy a Ruger PC Charger 9mm barrel?

    Ruger Semi-Auto
    I am looking to purchase a stand alone Ruger PCC 9mm 6.5 inch barrel. I have a Ruger pc Carbine 9mm, and am looking to turn it into an SBR and have an alternate barrel. Is there anywhere i can buy a separate 6.5 inch 9mm barrel?