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  1. 7.5" Ruger Redhawk Cylinder and Crane removal

    Ruger Double Action
    Hello everyone! My cylinder seized up recently on my .44 mag Redhawk. It turns but very roughly, and the cylinder will no longer shut. I went to disassemble it to give it a good cleaning, the revolver is only about 6 years old. I have removed the cylinder arm and crane assembly from the main...
  2. New MPR Prep

    Ruger Semi-Auto
    Th other day I picked up my new AR-556 - the MPR version. Holy cow - it was dripping oil and goo right out of the box. I thought I did a good job cleaning it and getting it ready, but apparently not. On the range, several times it would completely miss pulling a round off the top of the mag...
  3. The Ultimate Rimfire Cleaning Guide, a link

    I tried posting this before as it is pretty much the last guide you will ever need, but there were copyright issues and I was asked to take it down. But hot-linking is allowed for the article, I believe, so here it is if anyone wants to read it. This is not a short article but certainly...
  4. The Rimfire Barrel Cleaning Post to End All Ditto-Reprinted-Part 1/1

    ([B][I]Notice from Marc780: This is a reprint of an excellent article posted at this link: Rimfire Cleaning - Rimfire Research & Development I decided to post the article here, because I think many will agree it's quite interesting, and it's the be-all/end-all of rimfire barrel cleaning so...