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  1. Why some owners have problems with Ruger American Rifle magazines and other owners do not. And a solution.

    Ruger Bolt Action
    This is a theory I have based on my experience with a Ruger American Compact in 243. In my opinion, people who keep their rifle and magazines loaded in their truck are the ones having the problems. People who take the rifle to the range, load it, shoot it and put the unloaded rifle and...
  2. FREE Left Side GP100/Super Redhawk Compact Grip Insert

    Parts & Accessories
    The left side insert is servicable, and it comes with the busted right side insert if you want it. For you enterprising woodworkers out there, you could pop out the nuts and use them in a new set. Alternatively, you could refurbish the left side insert, and use the broken right side insert as...
  3. magpul stock issue

    Ruger Bolt Action
    sorry if it is already out there, have searched multiple ways but still are new to the forum and can't find it.. first post so be nice. :thumbsup: american 308 compact, just put on a magpul hunter stock, so far love it but it is currently a blizzard outside and cant go out and play with it...
  4. 3 Ruger Rifle bargains

    Ruger Bolt Action
    I think I may have a Ruger addiction. I have always collected and hunting with mostly Ruger rifles since I was a teenager. Just like they way they are made, like their look, they way the feel and handle and most of all the way they SHOOT. If I come across a bargain on one I always buy it if...