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  1. Ruger Single Action
    I just picked up my first handgun this Monday, a silver Ruger Wrangler and I'm loving it, but I'd like to get a spare cylinder and can't seem to find them being sold anywhere. I've found plenty of reasonably priced single six cylinders but I've heard some say it will work and others say it...
  2. Ruger Double Action
    Hi everyone, I just acquired a Police Service Six, the gun appears to be in great shape , however I noticed the the cylinder will rotate to the right when closed, the locking bolt seems to be functioning properly but obviously something is amiss. I appreciate any advise!
  3. Ruger Double Action
    Hello everyone! My cylinder seized up recently on my .44 mag Redhawk. It turns but very roughly, and the cylinder will no longer shut. I went to disassemble it to give it a good cleaning, the revolver is only about 6 years old. I have removed the cylinder arm and crane assembly from the main...
  4. Ruger Single Action
    Hi all from Downunder, Love my new Wrangler and have the single action bug now. Just curious to see how other Wranglers are holding up wear wise compared to mine. I've fired about 600rnds through mine so far in a couple of sessions and have noticed the cerekote is gone and the frame is...
  5. Ruger Double Action
    @Iowegan (Since Iowegan seems to be quite an expert on the topic of GP100 and S&W endshake, I'm hoping I can tempt him to answer this question): Background: About a month ago, I purchased a brand new GP100 Match Champion chambered in 10mm. The revolver required an immediate trip back to the...
  6. Ruger Single Action
    I have a few questions regarding a "find" after my mother in law passed away. We have found an original box, instructions and parts list, and what appears to be an unused cylinder, for a 1973 Ruger "new model" single-six. The manual is in perfect condition, and the box is in good condition...
1-6 of 6 Results