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  1. Maintenance
    Rifle, 10/22 Mannlicher. A bullet will get stuck while feeding/loading onto the ramp. Not often, but noticeably more often than before I took it all apart. I will take it apart and back together again, but does anyone have any common probs/suggestions?
  2. Ruger Semi-Auto
    So I got the lc carbine as soon as my ffl had it in. In short, I want to love it, but it is unreliable in its current stage. When it did work, it is amazing. L Maybe I got a faulty rifle, I don't know. Shooting Federal AE 40gr and FN 197 40gr "blue tips" both cause failure to extract and...
  3. Ruger Bolt Action
    My M77 Mark II chambered in .338 Win Mag has been giving me a lot of grief lately due to an issue with the second round having trouble feeding. The first round will feed and chamber perfectly (so will the 3rd round) but once I pull the bolt back, the rear end of the second round is too low for...
1-3 of 3 Results