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  1. Ruger Semi-Auto
    Hello everyone! I am currently building my first custom AR15. I purchased a Ruger 5.56 NATO barrel from a guy in one of the AR Groups I belong to and it has what look like pin holes where the gas block mounts. The holes are on the top of the barrel near the exhaust "hole". I am assuming this...
  2. Gunsmithing
    Hi everyone, first time posting here, glad to join a community with many knowledgable gunsmiths here. I was looking to replace my A2 front sight gas block on my Ruger 556 with a low profile one in order to slip on a free float handguard. Well, I've gotten past the notorious removal of the A2...
  3. Gunsmithing
    Well, I've gotten my brand new AR556, and the free float hand guard it comes with is in my opinion entirely too short for the length of the gun/barrel. So, I purchased a STNGR 15" HWK to put on it. I was excited to start the project today, and everything was going fairly smooth. Got the factory...
1-3 of 3 Results