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  1. MK IV 22/45 Grip Frame Question

    Ruger Rimfires
    I need to replace my S&W M&P Compact .22 and I am thinking about a 22/45. Quick, and dumb question though — do the grip screws on the Mk IV 22/45 go into metal inserts in the frame or directly into the polymer? I assume that Ruger designed them “right“ and put metal bushings into the frame...
  2. Help - Vaquero Bird's Head to Plow Grip Conversion

    Ruger Single Action
    Good afternoon all, I have a Ruger Vaquero (Not new style) in 45LC with a blued steel bird's head grip frame that sadly does not fit my large hands very well, so I am looking to switch it over to a larger, standard grip frame. From all my research on this, I thought I found that I needed an...