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  1. Looking for Ruger Vaquero grips in 3d format

    Ruger Single Action
    Aloha folks, im trying to find if anyone has 3dmodel or STL Files of the Vaquero's Grips, looking to find a plain model of them to modify and SLA/Resin print them as gifts for my Family and their SASS club. anyone able to steer me in the correct direction?
  2. Thicker Grip for LC9s Pro or EC9s

    Ruger Pistols
    I have an LC9s Pro and in general I like the pistol. However there is one thing that I am unhappy with, it's the thinness of the grip. I have a hand that is a little bit large. I actually prefer the thickness of the Springfield XD-S grip but I don't the rest of the gun. Is there a way to get...
  3. Custom P95

    Custom P95

    Ruger P95 w/ bronze paint, Talon rubber grips, and laser sight.
  4. My P89

    My P89

    Ok, last one. 100% Carbon Fiber custom hand made grips.
  5. p89 100% Carbon Fiber Grips

    p89 100% Carbon Fiber Grips

    I made these grips for my p89
  6. My P89

    My P89

    Custom, personally made 100% Carbon-Fiber Grips.