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  1. Ruger Single Action
    Aloha folks, im trying to find if anyone has 3dmodel or STL Files of the Vaquero's Grips, looking to find a plain model of them to modify and SLA/Resin print them as gifts for my Family and their SASS club. anyone able to steer me in the correct direction?
  2. Ruger Pistols
    I have an LC9s Pro and in general I like the pistol. However there is one thing that I am unhappy with, it's the thinness of the grip. I have a hand that is a little bit large. I actually prefer the thickness of the Springfield XD-S grip but I don't the rest of the gun. Is there a way to get...
  3. Custom P95

    Ruger P95 w/ bronze paint, Talon rubber grips, and laser sight.
  4. My P89

    Ok, last one. 100% Carbon Fiber custom hand made grips.
  5. p89 100% Carbon Fiber Grips

    I made these grips for my p89
  6. My P89

    Custom, personally made 100% Carbon-Fiber Grips.
1-6 of 6 Results