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  1. Maintenance
    So after I got home from the range with my shooting buddy and we started to clean our guns and as I went to soak my gun patch in Lucas oil bore solvent my buddy said that gun solvent is very bad for your barrel and gun because it’s very corrosive and can damage it! I was wondering if that is true?
  2. Maintenance
    So I got a quick question about cleaning your gun do you always have to use gun solvent when you clean your gun or is it to corrosive?
  3. Ruger Double Action
    Good day, I finally got some 22 lr and went to the range and shot about 288 rounds of lead round nose standard velocity out of my LCR, the gun functioned fine although as expected the cylinder was quite hot after a while so I couldn't hold it for long while reloading. but I gone thru that...
  4. Maintenance
    I tried posting this before as it is pretty much the last guide you will ever need, but there were copyright issues and I was asked to take it down. But hot-linking is allowed for the article, I believe, so here it is if anyone wants to read it. This is not a short article but certainly...
1-4 of 4 Results