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  1. Pistols & Revolvers
    I was given a Ruger Speed Six by my grandfather a few years ago. I am wanting to get a holster to carry the revolver, but none of the companies even lost the speed six as an option. They have the security six listed, I am wondering if the security six holster would fit the speed six ? If not...
  2. Ruger Double Action
    What is your Favorite Ruger Double Action Revolver? Mine is the Ruger sp101 chambered in .357 magnum.
  3. Parts & Accessories
    Quality outside-the-waistband (owb) kydex paddle holster with a faux-carbon fiber finish made by Gunner's Custom Holsters. Outstanding fitment and retention. Barely used, practically new. I just have no use for it. $30
  4. Alien Gear Holsters
    So, as you can probably imagine, we get a lot of questions about our product. Mostly, it's about if people can get our products for free...but another one of the most frequently asked questions is: What size holster base should I get? That's totally understandable, we have 4 sizes to choose...
  5. Sold
    ***holsters are sold*** I have one right hand pancake holster that will fit the Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan in .44 Mag for sure. I don't know if the other chamberings are the same dimensions or not. ****SIMPLY RUGGED HOLSTER IS SPF**** The dark brown one is a Simply Rugged holster. It has a...
  6. Handgun Accessories
    I found a site from one the forums on holster that can be IWB or OWB. And of course I can't find the link anymore. If anyone has an idea please let me know. Thanks
  7. Handgun Accessories
    Watching '70s movies, I thought it was cool. But, is it practical?
  8. SR1911 in DeSantis Cocked and Locked Thumbreak

    My SR1911 in DeSantis Cocked and Locked Thumbreak holster. I will be carrying this on duty.
1-8 of 9 Results