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  1. Pistols & Revolvers
    I was given a Ruger Speed Six by my grandfather a few years ago. I am wanting to get a holster to carry the revolver, but none of the companies even lost the speed six as an option. They have the security six listed, I am wondering if the security six holster would fit the speed six ? If not...
  2. Ruger Double Action
    What is your Favorite Ruger Double Action Revolver? Mine is the Ruger sp101 chambered in .357 magnum.
  3. Parts & Accessories
    Quality outside-the-waistband (owb) kydex paddle holster with a faux-carbon fiber finish made by Gunner's Custom Holsters. Outstanding fitment and retention. Barely used, practically new. I just have no use for it. $30
  4. Alien Gear Holsters
    So, as you can probably imagine, we get a lot of questions about our product. Mostly, it's about if people can get our products for free...but another one of the most frequently asked questions is: What size holster base should I get? That's totally understandable, we have 4 sizes to choose...
  5. Sold
    ***holsters are sold*** I have one right hand pancake holster that will fit the Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan in .44 Mag for sure. I don't know if the other chamberings are the same dimensions or not. ****SIMPLY RUGGED HOLSTER IS SPF**** The dark brown one is a Simply Rugged holster. It has a...
  6. Handgun Accessories
    I found a site from one the forums on holster that can be IWB or OWB. And of course I can't find the link anymore. If anyone has an idea please let me know. Thanks
  7. Handgun Accessories
    Watching '70s movies, I thought it was cool. But, is it practical?
  8. SR1911 in DeSantis Cocked and Locked Thumbreak

    SR1911 in DeSantis Cocked and Locked Thumbreak

    My SR1911 in DeSantis Cocked and Locked Thumbreak holster. I will be carrying this on duty.