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  1. New Member Introductions
    Good morning folks, No, I’m not bilingual… just know enough to order a coffee and a old fashioned donut at a Tim Hortons in Quebec. 😆 Names Luke, I’m new to the form. I bought a Ruger American Hunter in 308 Win & and posted a range update yesterday in “RUGER BOLT ACTION”, go have a look! I’m...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Looking to connect with other varmint hunters in WA OR MT ID. HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL retired. Night or day hunts Decoy dogs I shoot Ruger Hawkeye Predator 22-250 and AR10 6.5 Creedmor. 4 digital cams ATI Thor 4 Thermal Vortex Viper Long range shooting videographer and production services, NRA...
  3. Reloading
    I want to work up a new load for my .257 Roberts. I recently bought a couple cans of Accurate 4064 and I have 117 gr Sierra BTSP and 80 gr Barnes TTSX. I have a fun once a year meat hunt for doe pronghorn in a fairly populated area. Shots are fairly close. 50-100 yds. I might also hunt...
  4. Ruger Semi-Auto
    I’ve been looking for a good rifle chambered in .308 for hunting and something fun to shoot at the outdoor range and been considering the Ruger American rifle and was wondering if it’s a good rifle to consider purchasing or to stay away from?
  5. Hunting
    I am going to take my Scout deer hunting. Max range will be 150 yards. I want to make sure the ammo will expand some, but I am concerned because of the short barrel. It will have a Harvester Can on the end, so I will get a little better velocity than the barrel only, but I am not sure how...
1-5 of 6 Results