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  1. AR-556 Jams on the first round or two each session.

    Ruger Semi-Auto
    Looking for any advice. I have about 600 rounds through my ar-556 and about 75% of the time, it Jams after the first round is fired. After that it has zero issues for the rest of the range day. I have 6 rounds that look exactly like this. Each from my first shot of the day. Thanks in advance.
  2. LC9S extractor / feeder problem

    I was shooting my wife's LC9s this weekend and had an issue I'm not too familiar with. Hopefully someone here can help. The casing being extracted would run into the round being chambered. I should have taken a picture, but imagine something that looks a little like a double feed, with both...
  3. MKIV Competition Failure to Feed

    Ruger Rimfires
    Problem: I am having failure to feed issues were the bullet will pop up and then hit the top of the chamber putting a crease in the tip of the bullet. This problem ONLY happens on the last round of the magazine. Because I am using it for NRA bullseye I am using a snapcap as a spacer which has...