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  1. Hello from a corn field

    New Users
    Just want to say hello from Indiana. Have owned several Ruger firearms in my life, but currently just a little EC9s that is just a fun little pistol.
  2. Ruger LC9 Extended Slide Release

    Does anybody make an extended slide release for the lc9. I've done some research and haven't been able to find one. The current one is too small and hard to release the slide. -Aaron
  3. Talo LC9 Hammer Spring

    Need to get at the hammer spring - intend to replace the trigger on a Talo LC9 but I do not see how. There does not appear to be a way to pry off the cap with a screwdriver - the recommended approach. Has anyone done this?
  4. LC9 Hammer mod

    I have a LC9 and would like to update the hammer with the Galloway hammer but they tell me it is no longer made. Does anyone have one they no longer need? Or does anyone have the specs to modify my stock one? I am a machinist.
  5. For Sale: OWB Kydex Paddle Holster for Ruger LC9/s/pro/LC380

    Parts & Accessories
    Quality outside-the-waistband (owb) kydex paddle holster with a faux-carbon fiber finish made by Gunner's Custom Holsters. Outstanding fitment and retention. Barely used, practically new. I just have no use for it. $30
  6. LC9s - quick question

    Ruger Pistols
    Contemplating "upgrade" from LC9 to LC9s... everything says all LC9 accessories are interchangeable, including "extended 9-round magazines". It never says just "magazines". Are the standard 7-round mags (with either the flat or extended floor-plate) also interchangeable? Glock (sorry to cuss)...
  7. First Ammo Problem with LC9

    Ruger Pistols
    So far I've run over 600 rounds of various types through my LC9, and give it a good cleaning after every trip to the range... and until now haven't had one problem. Found Winchester white box at Wal-mart, and thought the $26 / 100 price too good to pass up. After less than 50, THREE...
  8. Flat Stack 9mm: Let me regale you

    So, I am a man of many sorrows. My first semi was an OD green SR9 that I loved very much, but could not conceal carry easily. So, I bought a LC9. I liked both. However, with marriage, baby, and the last summer of college cram sessions in order, I had to sell the LC9 to fund books and gas. I...
  9. MY BABY


    LC9 first gun
  10. Ruger LCP LC9

    Ruger LCP LC9

    The wife and my 2013 Valentines Day gifts to each other for personal protection and range time together.