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  1. Hello

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    Hello everyone, I am new here and look forward to learning from everyone.
  2. Need LCP II Firing pin roll pin size

    Ruger Pistols
    Does anyone know the correct size for this roll pin, or where I can purchase one? Mine's a little bent and I don't want to put it back in if it's going to cause an issue (don't know why it would be just being safe.) Thanks.
  3. Ruger LCP II front sight paint

    Ruger Pistols
    I'm sure this subject has been broached before, but I thought I'd pass on a specific option for front sight paint for the Ruger LCP II. I use Dykem Brite-Mark paint markers. Just apply a white coat and then follow it up with orange or any other color after it dries. The white makes the orange...
  4. LCP Gen2 - Takedown Pin Still Walks Out

    Ruger Pistols
    LCP Gen2 Takedown Pin Probs - Updated I have had my stainless-slide LCP for a couple of months and finally got it back out to shoot a couple of times. It's a 371* prefix serial number so I think it is a Gen2. I had fired it last fall and the takedown pin walked out immediately - so I ordered...
  5. Ruger LCP LC9

    Ruger LCP LC9

    The wife and my 2013 Valentines Day gifts to each other for personal protection and range time together.
  6. Authentic AZ LCP

    Authentic AZ LCP

    Turquoise inlay and polished barrel