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  1. Ruger Pistols
    Hi I have a LCP2 (LCPii) and I would really like better sites on it so I was wondering if the LCP Max slide will fit on the frame of the LCP 2, Or if anybody knows of a manufacturer that makes slides with sights as I cannot use the solid iron sites at all. THANKS!
  2. Gunsmithing
    Hey everyone, I was hopping someone who has all 3 of these or maybe a mix of you would be willing to help me out.. For a project I was doing I really need some decent pics of the fire control unit frames/housing preferably without the trigger bar or other parts.. small springs/detents like...
  3. Ruger Pistols
    I recently purchased an LCPII that came with an extended 7 round magazine which also provides a longer grip surface. It seems like the extra round is able to fit because of the grip extension that allows the mag spring to drop into it providing the extra room. Since the pistol also came with a...
1-3 of 3 Results