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  1. LCR 9MM Bullet Creep and Cylinder Jam BEST AMMO

    Ruger Double Action
    I jammed up my LCR with bullet walking out case. .. 1) Does anyone one have recommendation for best PRACTICE ball nose ammo and best self defense ammo for LCR? 2) What happened - Shooting my reloads, plated ball practice ammo, not self defense it jammed. After 3 shots, one of my reload...
  2. LCR 327 Ammo Guidance

    Ruger Double Action
    Hi everyone, first posting here, I apologize if it is not in the right place. I recently acquired a LCRx in the .327. Mainly going to be a carry gun for me. My father is getting the regular LCR version of the .327 and wanted me to see if anyone had used the Buffalo Bore Heavy 130 grain in the...
  3. Ruger LCR Blue Navy Digital Camo

    Pistols & Revolvers
    New user looking for some information on a Ruger LCR that came into my shop today. A customer who worked at the Ruger manufacturing plant came in with a LCR with what appears to be the Blue Navy Digital camo. He claimed it was used as a test piece, and was not an option for sale from Ruger...
  4. Found an LCR .22 with G10 Grip

    Ruger Double Action
    I have been on the lookout for a second LCR for around two years. Finally found one on the local trading site. The Gent said "NIB" condition and un-fired - and I thought to myself, uh-huh. Well, I was wrong! It has no evidence of use - not even from factory test firing. I was also skeptical...
  5. Trigger Stay

    Handgun Accessories
    Who uses one of these for their CC revolvers? It sells for $9.26. Trigger Stay™ For The Ruger® LCR 22, 38 Special and 357 1 Black Trigger Stays To A Package Patent Pending I recently heard a story about someone who was former military who accidentally discharged a gun in his front pocket...