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  1. Gunsmithing
    Hi there, new to the forum. Recently bought a ruger Hawkeye Alaskan in .300 win mag. The stock that is on it is fine but I was curious if there’s many aftermarket stocks out there for them? Wood or polymer alike. Thanks.
  2. New Member Introductions
  3. Ruger Bolt Action
    Can anyone provide or direct me to a listing of how the Zytel stocks were numbered indicating the action length and barrel profile? Were walnut stocks coded for action and barrel? Thanks much.
  4. Projects
    Hi everyone, Here is a few pictures of the work i have done on my 7mm08. Stoffer
  5. Ruger Bolt Action
    I was given a Ruger M77 .243 but it does not have a bolt.. Does anyone know where I might buy one? .....Can I find out what year the rifle was made by the Serial Number?
  6. Ruger Bolt Action
    My 270 has been used and gone thru several family members hands as a first gun. This last week it has decided to completely stopped being accurate - 2 scopes, 4 boxes boxes of different factory loads and then an entire day changing and adjusting for custom hand loads.... I have decided to just...
  7. Gunsmithing
    I have an old style M77 apparently made in 1976 and has a special engraving on the barrel concerning the US bi-centenial year. It is in 7x57 Mauser caliber. My problem is I love the round but the barrel seems to be shot out. I need to re-barrel but don't want to loose the factory engraving...
  8. Ruger Bolt Action
    Thanks for the add. I have a question about an older tang safety M77 that I just couldn't resist. It is a 25-06 with a serial # of 70-80XXX, which appears to place it around a 1973 manufacture timeframe. And to my inexperienced eyes, it seems to be a heavy barrel varmint model. In my...
  9. Ruger Bolt Action
    I have a first year .243 M77 Mark II . It has the zytel (boat paddle/zytel) stock It has green inserts.The gun hasnt been fired more than 10 rnds to set the scope 20yr Ago. I was just wondering if anybody has one of the first ones because I cant find Another one for sale anywhere. Kinda wanting...
  10. Parts & Accessories
    I bought a used M77 Mark II Stainless Synthetic (Canoe Paddle) but it did not come with the scope rings. I looked on Ruger's web site and they want $80 for the standard set! I am going to be using a Leopold 3-9x40 with one inch tube, so the standard set will work perfectly. Does anyone have some...
  11. Ruger M77 MARK II

    Ruger All-Weather KM77 MARK II Ultra Light RLFP .308 Win
1-11 of 11 Results