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  1. LCP II 22lr floor plate with finger lip like .380?

    Pistols & Revolvers
    I just bought the LCP II .22lr for cheap practice alternative to my EDC LCP II in .380. I wish that the .22LR version had identical floor plate. ( I use the finger lip floor plate.) Does anyone make such a floor plate? Thanks.
  2. Flush mount magazines for Ruger American .350 Legend?

    Ruger Bolt Action
    I am wanting to make the switch from my 450 Bushmaster single shot to a Ruger American Ranch or Predator chambered in .350 Legend. I like the lower recoil and the price of ammo. My problem with the rifle is the AR style magazine. I, personally, do not like the way it looks on a hunting rifle...
  3. Magpul Hunter American in 22-250 - Feeding

    Hi, I install the Magpul Hunter American stock on my Ruger American in 22-250. (1st generation). I'm having problems feeding. It came with a short action 5 round magazine. If I load all 5 rounds, it fails to feed every time. If I load only 4 rounds, it feeds fine, most of the time. **If I run...
  4. Mark IV Competition mag pops out while firing

    Ruger Rimfires
    I purchased a new Mark IV Competition about a week ago and have put about 300 rounds through it. From the very beginning, the magazine will pop out during firing, causing a misfire and/or jam. This happens usually about round-3 or 4 of every re-load, and happens with both magazines. It has gone...
  5. For Sale: Beretta Nano FDE Grip Frame, 8rd and 6rd Magazines

    Parts & Accessories
    I have somethings laying around from when I had my Beretta Nano. My loss is your gain. Items are all used however very little wear. FDE Grip Frame - Excellent condition, like new. No wear marks on it. $30.00 8rd Magazine - Excellent condition, like new. No wear marks on it. This was a spare...
  6. Ruger 5rd, 20rd, 10rd magazines

    Ruger 5rd, 20rd, 10rd magazines

    From L-to-R: 5rd & 20rd Ruger-made magazines (purchased 1981-1983), and 10rd magazine (purchased 2011). 10rd magazine would not properly fit/seat into series 182 Ruger Mini-14, because mag catch is spot-welded and did not protrude out far enough to grab hold in magazine well. Mag catches