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  1. Maintenance
    Hi guys and gals, I own several guns now but did not grow up around them so I have some things I am ignorant too and was hoping you guys could shed alittle light. My question is about spare parts for firearms, I hear alot of chatter about availability of spare parts. So do you guys keep spare...
  2. Ruger Semi-Auto
    I bought my MPR (model 8514) new OOTB in mid Sept and have only put 180 rds of IMI 55gr 556 FMJ through it at an indoor range without incident. After shooting only 10 rds of PMC Bronze 55gr 223 FMJ this past Sunday at the same indoor range, I noticed that the barrel underneath the full length...
  3. Maintenance
    So after I got home from the range with my shooting buddy and we started to clean our guns and as I went to soak my gun patch in Lucas oil bore solvent my buddy said that gun solvent is very bad for your barrel and gun because it’s very corrosive and can damage it! I was wondering if that is true?
  4. Maintenance
    I got a quick question for you all is it okay to leave a light coat of oil inside my barrel or would that do any potential harm or damage to my firearm?
1-4 of 4 Results