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  1. 10/22 rebuild

    Had an M77 MkII who's pistol grip was too close to the trigger. This rifle is the opposite, particularly for off hand shooting, which is what this rifle is all about. So I made this palm swell to move my hand forward. The checkering makes it nice and "sticky". It's placed not on the front
  2. 10/22 rebuild

    Timney trigger with a fantastic 2 lb pull. I love the internet. This is an excellent article on peep sights; That article saved me a lot of trial and error. By having peeps on the front and rear, I line up a circle within a circle with
  3. 10/22 rebuild

    The serial # shows this rifle was manu in 1968. Bought it a year or so ago bone stock, little used. It had something like an 8 lb trigger pull! Yikes! I never even fired it and it sat around. Instead of buying a mint Win model 52 in 22 LR I decided to do something with this rifle.
  4. 10/22 rebuild

    I made use of that rounded end of the forestock and made a Schnabel end, which is beak in German, like Savage put on their old 300's.
  5. 10/22 rebuild

    Narrowed and slimmed the stock so it's not so blocky. Ruger did a beautiful job of inletting this stock, even back in '68. I welded on an extension to the bolt slide handle so it fits comfortably across my thumb now. I think it's a little safer that way also. Not so short.
1-5 of 5 Results