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mini 14

  1. Stainless Factory Folder Mini?

    Hey all, I just traded for this Mini 14 that's supposed to be a factory side folder. I'm not 100% convinced its legit yet, but it was still a good trade regardless. Anyway, from what little I know about these, it seems to have most of the correct features, the sling attachment on the side...
  2. Mini 14 584 Ranch Magazine/accuracy issue

    Ruger Semi-Auto
    Recently got Mini 14 584 ranch 5.56 Nato series. 3MOA red dot. My loads, normally 22.0 gr H322, new LC brass, Hornady HP-BT 62 gr, Lee factory Crimp. Really like the Mini 14, kind of like my M1 Garand, but light weight... Only have about 300 rounds thru it at this point. Not broke in yet...
  3. Mini 14 Reassembly Problem

    Ruger Semi-Auto
    Hello, I just got a factory new Mini-14 and decided to try out disassembly and reassembly to practice for when I'll have to first clean it. I found an issue when trying to reassemble the rifle: I placed in the barrel and trigger assembly into the rifle, and followed as the manual and videos...
  4. Mini 14

    Mini 14

    Ruger Mini 14 183 series stainless and original wood stock. She's dressed up with an accu-strut xdrill, extra long magazine release, Choate handguard, tech-sight, steel butt plate, and finished with a two stage sear polish and a trigger stop. Today she has the day off so she's relaxing with her frie