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mod. 77 mkii

  1. Model 77 Mark 2 Suggestions

    Ruger Bolt Action
    I have a new Model 77 Mark 2 in 30-06. I really want to do some modifications to it. The main things I want are a bipod and a good scope for it. The bipod is where I want to start. It is the "all weather" version. It has a sling mount on the front. My preference would be not to have to drill...
  2. Ruger Family Outing

    Range Reports
    Had a special family outing on Thursday and took 6 Rugers. Beretta was represented as well as Sig and a few others. Never know how many shootin' irons you have until you start pulling them out of the safe. :D My honey got to shoot her Mod. 77 Mk II 22-250 for the first time and center-punched...