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  1. Warmest Greetings from Victoria, Australia!

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    Just think of me as a curmudgeon from the other side of the planet. Used to design and manufacture custom guns, and run a Class 1 firearm dealership in Victoria, Australia, but gave that up years ago. Did some Security and Risk Management work, but have retired since. Current preoccupation is...
  2. New Member; New Gun

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    I bought a Ruger yesterday. I had ordered the gun a week ago and was waiting like a kid at Christmas for it to come in. I normally go to the range on Monday and Thursday so yesterday morning I went for some Smoke Therapy. Yesterday afternoon I get the call that the gun was in. So I went back...
  3. Thanks for my addition to this forum

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    I bought my first Ruger about 2 years ago. A GP100. I love this revolver. I've always wanted some Rugers. I look forward to learning from you all. :)
  4. Hello From Georgia

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    Hello everyone, New-ish member from Georgia here. I have been luring a while but finally registered recently(-ish, hah). My Ruger collection is not large, but growing. Currently I'm only at the single PCC, but have 2x 10/22s coming (one will stay with me long term, one probably short-medium...