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  1. Wife treated me to a RPR and Vortex Optic but I have a few questions

    Hello everyone! I'm new to the Ruger Forum, however, as you can guess a newly acquired Ruger and Optic brought me here. For the past two years my son and I have been looking to expanding our horizons to shooting distance and learning about the marvels of ballistics. My wife decided to surprise...
  2. New to LD

    Finally decided it was time to put a good LD rig together, so you know, it's great getting that energy and passion back that fades over the years. Settled on the RPR in 6mm creedmoor, just a beautiful rifle. What's the best glass for 1000+? Looking to keep the budget to no more than 700-ish...
  3. Red Dot on a Ruger proprietary scope ring base

    Ruger Bolt Action
    What's the easiest way to mount a Red Dot sight on a rifle? Does a Burris- Ruger to Weaver base work? Does an aftermarket Picitanny rail need to be installed? And how do I know whether a Red Dot will mount to a Weaver or Picitanny rail? Will I just be mad that I didn't spend $3-500 on a good...
  4. Monoculars vs Binoculars

    Hi Everyone, a quick question here. What's the difference between a monocular and a binocular? Secondly is there any reviews out there that you can suggest please? Thanks a million!
  5. Mueller 4.5-4x40

    Mueller 4.5-4x40