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  1. Firearms
    Still WTB Ruger P94, P44, or KP944TH. Continuing my quest to replace my Davidson Special Order Ruger P94 with factory Strum Ruger Hogue grips, Teflon coated slide and, Trigicon night sights. Please help.
  2. Ruger Pistols
    I have a 9mm P94 I bought new in 1998. The serial number indicates it was built in 1997. The instruction manual is for P89., P90, and P94. It states for all of these pistols that activating the safety will de-cock the hammer if it is back. I understand that but I am trying to understand why...
  3. Parts & Accessories
    I am looking for several Ruger branded magazines for my P94 .40 caliber. If you have any, let me know how many and how much.
1-3 of 3 Results