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  1. Maybe I Don't Read Well Anymore

    Go to the Ruger sights and you'll read the PC Carbine (9mm) will handle Glock, SR9 and American magazines. I already had and American 9mm pistol and the thought of having a carbine that could share ammo and magazines appealed to me. For those reasons, I dropped the bills and bought the PC...
  2. I'm a new owner of a PC Carbine -- HELP!

    Ruger Semi-Auto
    Hi all! I'm a young woman, and don't know a ton about guns so I thought I would come here for some help. I recently moved out on my own, and not into the best neighborhood. I purchased my new Ruger PC Carbine 19115 a couple of weeks ago and need some help. Can anyone recommend a good online...
  3. Reloading specifically for 9mm PC Carbine

    While my PC carbine finishes her last few days in jail I have been researching cartridge recipes. I am thinking a slower burning propellant will benefit from the 16” barrel and give me another 200fps or so... All of the recipes I can find for 9mm use fast burning powder. The slower burning...
  4. Ruger PC Carbine Question!

    Hey all, thanks in advance for any advice you may give! I'm brand new to both this forum, and the Ruger PC Carbine. Let me start by saying I LOVE this gun. I've got about 300 rounds through it at this point without a single issue other than the follwing, and the features are totally awesome...
  5. PC Carbine- Getting Adjustment ring snug for accuracy.

    Ruger Semi-Auto
    I recently got a new PC Carbine 9mm. It's a simple gun to take down, put together but the Barrel Adjustment ring has some quirks to it to understand for best accuracy. The Ruger manual states - Here is what I found, if you adjust the adjustment ring tight as you can get it while the barrel...