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  1. Ruger Pistols
    while installing a new trigger in my PC Charger i noticed an issue. the hole for the trigger spring/detent was drilled at a slight angle. with the stock trigger spring and detent this isn’t an issue as the spring hasn’t had a problem resetting the trigger. (through about 500 rounds) with this...
  2. New Users
    Hi from the Gold Coast Australia 👋🏻 I’ve been looking around the web and found this site. I can’t find any relevant info’ anywhere. I noticed when I removed the barrel assembly, the hand guard/shroud has come loose on the barrel. Looks like there’s potentially 2 bolts holding the guard on, but...
  3. Ruger Pistols
    I have a PC Charger on back order and should receive it in 2-3 months. Last time I checked 25 People were still in line in front of me. Since the PC Charger uses the 10/22 trigger group, or at least a close derivative of it, I wonder if Franklin Armory’s BSF-III 10/22 binary trigger will work...
1-3 of 3 Results