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  1. Ruger Semi-Auto
    I bought a PC Carbine in 9mm in the fall. So far I have only used the Ruger magazine with it. I was thinking about switching to the Glock magazine adapter but saw CROM USA had this posted out on Youtube. (Stop using Glock magazines in your Ruger PCC) Basically, says that the metal Ruger...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Any suggestions on adding length of pull to this rifle. Has pistol grip and collapsible butt stock.
  3. Ruger Semi-Auto
    Hey I was wondering if anyone knew how I could get either the 10.5 or 16 inch barrel for the PC by itself. I’m in the market for a PCC and the Ruger stands out to me. TheFireArmsGuy on Youtube did a video of him swapping out the barrels and it worked. For what I know, Ruger won’t sell a...
  4. Ruger Semi-Auto
    I am looking to purchase a stand-alone Ruger PCC 9mm 6.5 inch barrel. I have a Ruger pc Carbine 9mm and am looking to turn it into an SBR and have an alternate barrel. Is there anywhere I can buy a separate 6.5 inch 9mm barrel?
  5. PC Carbine 2

    Ruger PC Carbine with Sig Romeo5 XDR
  6. PC Carbine 1

    Ruger PC Carbine with Sig Romeo5 XDR
1-6 of 6 Results