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  1. Ruger Semi-Auto
    Hey I was wondering if anyone knew how I could get either the 10.5 or 16 inch barrel for the PC by itself. I’m in the market for a PCC and the Ruger stands out to me. TheFireArmsGuy on Youtube did a video of him swapping out the barrels and it worked. For what I know, Ruger won’t sell a...
  2. Ruger Semi-Auto
    I am looking to purchase a stand alone Ruger PCC 9mm 6.5 inch barrel. I have a Ruger pc Carbine 9mm, and am looking to turn it into an SBR and have an alternate barrel. Is there anywhere i can buy a separate 6.5 inch 9mm barrel?
  3. PC Carbine 2

    PC Carbine 2

    Ruger PC Carbine with Sig Romeo5 XDR
  4. PC Carbine 1

    PC Carbine 1

    Ruger PC Carbine with Sig Romeo5 XDR