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  1. Ruger Pistols
    So I picked up a ruger american 9mm duty pistol second hand but I didn't know about the recall. I've shot it quit a few times and checked it over and everything looks good but being a broke 19 year old I need to know this pistol will last, I signed up for the retrofit but they gave me some bs...
  2. Ruger Pistols
    I was wondering if only other ruger or other manufacturer magazines will fit in my ruger compact. I noticed the american magazines look strikingly similar to the sr9 and security magazines while browsing the internet so now I'm curious
  3. Optics
    I can't seem to find anywhere an optic for my Ruger Mark IV that has fine crosshairs. I don't like the standard red dot/bullseye/circle dot reticles that normally come with optics. I would even settle for mil-dot, but I'm guessing those are exclusive to scopes. Anyone have any suggestions? I've...
  4. Firearms
    For sale Phoenix Arms HP22 semi-auto 22lr ten-rounds per magazine, 2 barrels (5", 3"), lock, manual. Two magazines: one with and one without "pinky-grip" extension. I don't have the original case. $140.00. This gun is a lot of fun, and I carried this a lot. This gun is used, which is a good...
  5. Ruger P95DC Pistol

    Ruger P95DC Decocker
  6. Ruger P95DC Pistol

    Ruger P95DC Decocker
  7. Ruger SR9C

    Ruger SR9C pistol with polished barrel
  8. Ruger SR9 Pistol

    Ruger SR9 Pistol
1-12 of 12 Results