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  1. Why some owners have problems with Ruger American Rifle magazines and other owners do not. And a solution.

    Ruger Bolt Action
    This is a theory I have based on my experience with a Ruger American Compact in 243. In my opinion, people who keep their rifle and magazines loaded in their truck are the ones having the problems. People who take the rifle to the range, load it, shoot it and put the unloaded rifle and...
  2. Mini 14 Reassembly Problem

    Ruger Semi-Auto
    Hello, I just got a factory new Mini-14 and decided to try out disassembly and reassembly to practice for when I'll have to first clean it. I found an issue when trying to reassemble the rifle: I placed in the barrel and trigger assembly into the rifle, and followed as the manual and videos...
  3. New User From TN - with a serious problem. Advise please?

    Ruger Pistols
    I purchased a P94 about 10 years ago, brand new. I used it moderately, typically 20-50 rounds every Friday after work, but I couldn't say that I've shot more than over a year at that rate. One day I was at the range and after about my 2nd or 3rd magazine, the gun made an unusual noise and felt...