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  1. New SR9 range report

    Range Reports
    So I snuck out to get a little range time with my new SR9. I cleaned it yesterday, and at the range I shot 50 rounds of Speer Lawman, 20 rounds of Federal Hydra Shock 124 gr. JHP, and 25 rounds of Hornady Critical Defense 115 gr. FTX. Not one single hiccup! The SR9 ate everything not one problem...
  2. My son's first trip to the range

    Range Reports
    My 20-year old asked me earlier this week how much it would cost to have a trip to the range, his subtle way of telling me, "dad, can you bring me to the range?" He's never handled a loaded gun before. So, i offered to take him. Today's my scheduled time off from work and so went this morning...
  3. LC380 Range Time

    Range Reports
    Yesterday was a day off so I decided to spend some time at the range putting some rounds through some paper. Until this point I have only put 28 rounds through the gun, so this was going to be my first chance to get acquainted with my LC380. For the first magazine I started at about 7 yards...
  4. Ruger Family Outing

    Range Reports
    Had a special family outing on Thursday and took 6 Rugers. Beretta was represented as well as Sig and a few others. Never know how many shootin' irons you have until you start pulling them out of the safe. :D My honey got to shoot her Mod. 77 Mk II 22-250 for the first time and center-punched...