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red dot

  1. Optics
    Hello! New to the AR platform, and I was gifted my new red dot optic. I donā€™t want a scope for my AR just the dot. I have it mounted, but the front sight is right in the way šŸ˜” Iā€™ve read about others just cutting it off and shaping it with a dremel, but would really prefer to not go that route...
  2. Ruger Bolt Action
    What's the easiest way to mount a Red Dot sight on a rifle? Does a Burris- Ruger to Weaver base work? Does an aftermarket Picitanny rail need to be installed? And how do I know whether a Red Dot will mount to a Weaver or Picitanny rail? Will I just be mad that I didn't spend $3-500 on a good...