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  1. Redhawk 5.5 front sight advice

    Hi: Does anyone know where I can find a replacement front sight for my Redhawk? Thanks!
  2. 7.5" Ruger Redhawk Cylinder and Crane removal

    Ruger Double Action
    Hello everyone! My cylinder seized up recently on my .44 mag Redhawk. It turns but very roughly, and the cylinder will no longer shut. I went to disassemble it to give it a good cleaning, the revolver is only about 6 years old. I have removed the cylinder arm and crane assembly from the main...
  3. Ammo for Redhawk 44 Mag

    Ammo Dump
    Hello: I'm new to the forum, but I'm not new to Ruger firearms (My father passed down to me a .22 single-action revolver and a .22 rifle that together we used to shoot). My fingers are crossed that tomorrow I will be in possession of my third Ruger (if the tracking number data are accurate). It...
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  6. For Sale: WTS Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan 454 / 45LC

    Want to Sell my stainless SRH Alaskan model in 454 / 45 LC caliber. I'm throwing in a custom leather holster, approximately 12 rounds of Corbon 454 ammo, 17 rounds of Winchester 454 ammo, 50 rounds 45 LC ammo, 6 snapcaps, and HKS speedloader. Asking $775 will sell face to face in the Houston...