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  1. Reloading specifically for 9mm PC Carbine

    While my PC carbine finishes her last few days in jail I have been researching cartridge recipes. I am thinking a slower burning propellant will benefit from the 16” barrel and give me another 200fps or so... All of the recipes I can find for 9mm use fast burning powder. The slower burning...
  2. 45 Colt +P does the bullet matter?

    Hey Ya'll, Was missing the growing up days of plinking with the family on their farms but never had a lever and never had a revolver and can't afford the ammo. So within a couple months bought a Lyman press and reloading 45ACP and 45 Colt for the new Henry Big Boy 45 Colt and New Blackhawk 45...
  3. New RPR Owner Asking About Reloads

    Hey all, I purchased a Davidson's Distributor Exclusive Ruger Precision Rifle in Barrett Brown and 6.5 Creed about 2 months ago because I live in CA and wasn't happy shooting my AR's that had to be modified in this stupid state (Gavin Newsome is now Governor so it's going to get worse). We plan...
  4. 2 squibs in SR 1911

    Ruger Pistols
    Last week my best friend and I headed to the range. It was pretty chilly but hey, that just gives us a chance to practice with gloves. I enjoy shooting a lot, but never felt the need to get into reloading. Since this ammunition crisis my thoughts have changed on that. I have always used bulk...
  5. Brass score!!!!!!

    I counted and sorted all this brass tonight... Turns out there are 633 pieces of .308 Win brass. All this brass is from the same lot of Federal Gold Medal Match.. During sorting I found 3 bad cases. So I ended up with 630 good reloadable pieces, 1 .22LR case, 1 twig, 3 leaves and a bunch of dirt...
  6. WTB shooting crony!

    I need a shooting chrony but dont want to pay new prices. If you have one collecting dust, send me a pm, I just might be able to turn it into cash for ya'.